The Best Convertible Stroller for Growing Families – 2024

Best Convertible Stroller

Do you plan to have more than one child? Or rather, do you plan to grow your family in the next couple of years after having your firstborn? A convertible stroller is probably what suits you most, if a cost-effective solution to this one indispensable baby gear is what you have in mind.

You see, convertible strollers transform from a single to double stroller so you don’t need to purchase a brand-new set of wheels when you have another baby. They may be on the higher end of the price spectrum alongside the likes of jogging strollers and travel systems but if you do your maths right, they actually make for a worthy investment in the long run.

Here is a list of our best convertible stroller picks, carefully curated to fit every type of family and budget. Do your research once and you won’t have to look at another stroller ever again!

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What is the best convertible stroller for most families? Our top pick is the Uppababy Vista V2 – it has everything you’d expect a convertible stroller to have, and a little more. For the most configurable options, nobody beats Baby Jogger’s City Select 2 with its 24 modes while the Graco Modes Nest2Grow gives the best value being the more affordable alternative. Families with limited space will appreciate the 2-in-1 bassinet/toddler seat design found in Evenflo’s Gold Pivot Xpand, while Bugaboo’s Donkey 5 is the one to go for if double strollers side by side are what tickle your fancy.

Our Top 6 Best Convertible Stroller Picks – A Quick Summary

What Is A Convertible Stroller?

Also known as a modular or multifunctional stroller, a convertible stroller is a versatile and adaptable baby stroller designed to accommodate the changing needs of your child as they grow.

Unlike other types of strollers, you can use a convertible stroller right from birth through toddlerhood, and in some cases, even beyond. If need be, convert it from a single to double stroller to accommodate a second or even third child – these strollers are designed to offer various seating options, configurations, and features to adjust to fit your family’s changing needs.

And this is perhaps its greatest appeal – the ability to grow with your child and family. If you’d want just a single stroller solution for the various stages of your child’s development, a convertible stroller is the one for you.

Find more information at the end of this guide:

Stroller Reviews – Convertible Version

Best Convertible Stroller Overall

Editor's Rating: 4.9/5.0

Dimensions: 36 x 25.7 x 39.5 inches
Weight: 27 pounds
Weight/age limit (bassinet): from birth to 20 pounds (or until baby can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first)
Weight/age limit (toddler seat): up to 50 lbs.
Maximum number of children: 3
Configurations: INCLUDED – bassinet, infant car seat, toddler seat; SOLD SEPARATELY – glider board

Why We Love It

The Uppababy Vista V2 is probably one of the most popular strollers among parents with more than one child. It’s hard not to LOVE it, not when it has all these countless configurations you can do to it to make it suit your family’s needs at every stage.

Start as a single stroller with either the bassinet or MESA infant car seat for your newborn until s/he is old enough for the toddler seat. All of them are included in the package so you don’t need to purchase them separately, unless you prefer a car seat of another brand (Chicco, Maxi-Cosi and Cybex-compatible) which require the appropriate adapters. In all three modes, you can have baby facing either yourself or the outside world.

When it comes to two children, that’s where the fun starts. Turn it into a double stroller for infant and toddler in a car seat/bassinet + toddler seat combination, or a stroller for twins in a car seat + bassinet combo. Should you wish, you can have a double infant stroller with 2 car seats or 2 bassinets by purchasing an additional one of each, or get a second toddler seat to make it into a 2 seat stroller when your children grow older. It really is the best single to double stroller with all these endless configurations and in any double stroller configuration, it is a tandem stroller with either seat capable of facing forward or backward.

But wait, that’s not the end of it. It can even accommodate a third older child if you get a Piggyback stroller board and it wouldn’t affect the smooth manoeuvrability of it. That has got the shock-absorbing all-wheel suspension to thank for, which give a smooth ride regardless of the extra load and terrain.

We love how the basket underneath is of a generous size capable of holding up to 30 pounds, and the handlebar’s height is adjustable so parents of any height can push it comfortably. Speaking of which, it is the best stroller for tall parents because they won’t kick into it as they walk, which happens often with other strollers.

Things To Take Note Of

A high end stroller, the Vista V2 is definitely one of the most expensive strollers we have tested. Considering it comes with a stroller frame, bassinet, reversible toddler seat, infant car seat and base, we think the price is justifiable.

In any case, the countless configurations and top quality (even the materials are leather) give you your money’s worth, and it could easily be the only stroller your family needs (and buys). 

VERDICT: The Vista V2 is suitable for all kinds of family, really. Be it urban dwellers or all-terrain adventurers, parents on the go or customization enthusiasts, it will live up to your expectations. Families with multiple kids or parents planning to have more than one child, the Vista V2 is your best stroller to consider.


Editor's Rating: 4.3/5.0

Dimensions: 35 x 23.8 x 41.1 inches
Weight: 26.71 pounds
Weight/age limit: from birth (with infant car seat) up to 45 lbs.
Maximum number of children: 3
Configurations: 24 types, INCLUDED – infant car seat, toddler seat; SOLD SEPARATELY – glider board

Why We Love It

One thing with baby strollers offering multiple configurations is that they aren’t exactly the most compact when folded. The frame needs to be of a substantial size to cater to all the different combinations possible, which is why the Baby Jogger City Select 2 Stroller stood out to us with its one-step compact fold that’s 20% smaller than other single-to-double strollers, including the leading Vista V2.

This makes it the best convertible stroller for travel as it packs easier into the car and doesn’t take up as much storage space as other convertible strollers. The lightweight eases the lifting and carrying when need calls for it, and it still has all the features you’d expect such as canopy, storage basket, and even calf support.

Despite the compact fold, it offers a whopping 24 configurations. From a double stroller with car seat to a toddler stroller with 2 seats, it does it all. This particular package is sold as a stroller and car seat travel system so you can use it as a stroller for baby and toddler right away, otherwise, purchase either a second City GO 2 infant car seat to make it a twins stroller or a second seat to get a stroller for 2 kids older of age.

Like the Vista V2, it employs the tandem configuration in double stroller mode with seats facing either forward or backward in the same direction, or against one another. It does it slightly better though by offering extra elbow and knee room between the seats, and you can add a riding board to accommodate a third child.

Nothing to complain in the storage department – the back pocket and under-seat basket holds up to 15 lbs. so there’s plenty of storage space, and the front-wheel suspension and all-terrain tires keep this stroller steady on all pathways.

Things To Take Note Of

When in double stroller mode, only the seat at the back can recline all the way if you have both seats facing forward. It also has a smaller weight limit compared to other competitors so your kids will outgrow it sooner but considering it is less than half the price of some of the others on this list, we’d say it gives pretty good value for money.

VERDICT: Suitable for families with multiple kids especially those with limited storage space at home or in their vehicle, or parents who value the most configuration options in their baby stroller.


Editor's Rating: 4.2/5.0

Dimensions: 29.5 x 23.6 x 39.5 inches
Weight: 27.6 pounds (Mono), 33 pounds (Duo/Twin)
Weight/age limit (bassinet): from birth to 20 pounds (or until baby can push up on hands and knees, whichever comes first)
Weight/age limit (toddler seat): up to 48.5 lbs. per seat
Maximum number of children: 2
Configurations: INCLUDED – bassinet, toddler seat; SOLD SEPARATELY – infant car seat adapters

Why We Love It

If you’re one who fancy your double stroller side by side, you will love the Bugaboo Donkey 5. Not many convertible strollers offer this, in fact, it could possibly be the only one on the market thus far so that makes it the best side by side double stroller in the convertible category.

Bugaboo offers this stroller as a Mono (which essentially is a single stroller) with an interchangeable bassinet and toddler seat so you can use it right from birth when you only have one child. Buy the extension kit to make it a double when baby no.2 is here – available in Duo (second toddler seat) and Twin (second bassinet) – or you can buy it all at once to get it out of the way in one shot.

In Mono mode, we like how there’s this handy side basket next to the seat so you don’t have to always bend down to reach the under-seat basket for the essential things. Remove it to place a second bassinet or toddler seat (depending on your needs) in just 3 clicks, and the under-seat basket actually expands accordingly so you’ll never run out of storage space.

We’re pleasantly surprised at how smaller it is than we think in the Duo/Twin configuration – fitting through standard doorways is not a problem – so this makes it the best twin stroller in our opinion. The weight is distributed nicely between the seats so the whole thing is easy to push, which no doubt the large puncture-proof tires contribute a part to.

In any configuration, the Donkey 5 integrates seamlessly into a double stroller with infant car seat but you’ll need to buy the adapters separately (Chicco, Maxi-Cosi, Nuna). The upgraded bassinet is now enhanced with ventilation while the large extendable canopy has a peekaboo panel for the perfect balance of privacy and airflow.

Things To Take Note Of

Putting the whole Donkey 5 together isn’t the most pleasant and enjoyable process, we have to say. You’ll definitely need to follow the directions very closely but you’ll only need to do it once so that’s ok.

It is also one of the most expensive (and that’s not counting the extension kits yet) but this is a Bugaboo stroller after all – you can be assured of its quality and durability which for something you’re expecting to get years of use out of, is all the more important. Even a rain cover is included – that’s saying something!

VERDICT: For parents looking for the best convertible double stroller that comes in a side by side setting, you can’t go wrong with the Bugaboo Donkey 5.


Editor's Rating: 4.6/5.0

Dimensions: 41.5 x 26.5 x 41.5 inches
Weight: 27 pounds (stroller), 9.2 pounds (infant car seat), 8.7 pounds (base)
Weight/height limit (infant car seat): 4 to 35 pounds (or up to 32 inches tall)
Weight/age limit (toddler seat): from birth up to 55 lbs.
Maximum number of children: 2
Configurations: 22 types, INCLUDED – infant car seat, toddler seat

Why We Love It

Evenflo’s Pivot Xpand is a popular item but it is their Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System that truly blows us away. Comes with the brand’s most-loved SecureMax infant car seat that instantly turns it into the best travel system stroller, we’re most impressed by the toddler seat design that transforms into a bassinet so there is one less baby gear to store.

For families with limited space, this is no doubt the best bassinet stroller they can get because they don’t have to buy an extra piece for a newborn to use it right away. The seat literally grows with your little one through the adjustment of the recline angle and it accommodates up to 55 pounds, which is probably the largest weight limit so you can get a lot of use out of it.

Attach the car seat on top and you have a double stroller for twins with bassinet underneath in front. Or, turn it into a double stroller for toddler and infant by straightening the bassinet into a toddler seat – the possibilities are aplenty and you can choose to have the seats facing either forward or backward. And, no extra parts or tools are required throughout the process.

With the Gold, you get premium fabrics and finishes as well as lifetime warranty. We particularly like how you can get it assembled under 5 minutes, likewise with its folding (self-stand makes transportation and storage a breeze). SensorSafe technology alerts parents of any discrepancy in real time and of course, things like extendable canopy, adjustable handlebar and large storage basket are not amiss in this car seat stroller.

Things To Take Note Of
While the Gold Pivot Xpand accommodates a second toddler seat, it doesn’t support a double car seat configuration so you won’t be able to attach two car seats on the frame. It bounces a little when on rough terrain but not in a dangerous way, but otherwise manoeuvres beautifully and does smooth turns with rear-wheel suspension and front swivel wheels.
VERDICT: The Evenflo Gold Pivot Xpand Travel System is perfect for families with an infant and toddler combo. Also for the cost-conscious parents who want a versatile stroller that can grow with their families without the need for purchasing additional components.


Editor's Rating: 4.3/5.0

Dimensions: 41.9 x 25.4 x 42.7 inches
Weight: 28.4 pounds
Weight/age limit (toddler seat): up to 50 lbs. per seat
Maximum number of children: 3
Configurations: 20 types, INCLUDED – infant car seat, toddler seat; SOLD SEPARATELY – bassinet

Why We Love It

One look at the Cybex Gazelle S Stroller and you can tell it’s quite different from the others on this list. Sitting cute at the back of the toddler seat is a shopping basket that gives one of industry’s biggest cargo capacity, together with the generous under-carriage basket. Incidentally, we think this makes for one best baby stroller to go shopping with.

Come a second child and you can remove the shopping basket to attach the infant car seat that comes with it. Made by the brand that releases one of the world’s most-loved rotating car seat (although this one here doesn’t), the Aton G is one of the lightest infant car seats on the market and is FAA compliant so you can use it on the airplane without the base.

With the purchase of a second seat (or the cot for newborns), you can turn it into a double baby stroller and even push a third along if you get the kid board – there are over 20+ configurations that you can play around with. What really stood out to us though is that it can be folded even with two toddler seats attached so that saves a lot of trouble when it comes to storage and easy travel.

The ergonomic reversible toddler seat lies near-flat and there is a footrest for kids to stay comfortable. The canopy is of an XXL size that gives the most sun protection and we like how it comes with a cupholder, which surprisingly isn’t that common a feature seen on high-end strollers nowadays. Navigation-wise, the advanced suspension foam tires give a rather smooth push, though we wouldn’t say this is the best baby jogger to go off roading.

Things To Take Note Of

There’s no going around it – the assembly of this Cybex stroller is really quite the pain. Don’t expect to get it done in 5 minutes, you’ll probably need two people throughout the process (it took us quite the time just to figure out how to put the canopy on) but again, you’re only doing it once.

At this price, some people may expect a bassinet to be included as well but given the whole build and luxurious look of this stroller, we’d think the list price is still justifiable. 

VERDICT: The Cybex Gazelle S Stroller is the best convertible stroller for infant and toddler because you can just use it right out from the box without the need for additional components. It is also ideal for families living in urban environments who go shopping with their little ones often.


Editor's Rating: 4.5/5.0

Dimensions: 25.75 x 35.5 x 47 inches
Weight: 36 pounds
Weight/age limit (toddler seat): up to 50 lbs.
Maximum number of children: 2
Configurations: 15 types, INCLUDED – toddler seat; SOLD SEPARATELY – infant car seat, bassinet

Why We Love It

As far as convertible strollers go, the Graco Modes Nest2Grow Stroller is probably the most affordable option you can find on the market. But that is because this is one single to double stroller that lets you build accordingly as your family grows, getting only what you need instead of coming in one big bundle with accessories that you probably won’t use.

Available in 15+ types of configurations, the Nest2Grow comes in a single stroller with toddler seat only, ready for you to get customizing. If you have a newborn, get the carry cot which is one of industry’s most luxurious, alternatively, you can buy an infant car seat and convert it into the best travel system. You can even get two for a double car seat arrangement – any Graco models will do, our top recommendation is the SnugFit 35 which is the best Graco car seat in our opinion. If you have two toddlers close in age, getting a second seat will give you the best toddler stroller.

In any mode, each seat is reversible meaning you can have them facing either yourself or the world. You can even raise the seat to one of 3 height positions to have baby really close to you, and that’s something we really like about it. For a budget-friendly stroller, we’re really impressed with the features included such as adjustable handlebar, extra-large storage basket, expandable canopy, and removable child and parent trays (with cup holders!).

Things To Take Note Of
The frame felt less sturdy than other options on our list but that’s pretty much expected, considering it’s almost half the price of the rest. It is also slightly heavier at over 30 pounds, which affects its manoeuvrability to some extent. In particular, it struggles a little on grass and carpet so it’s better to keep it mostly on pavement and indoors. Assembly is a breeze though so that’s a plus.
VERDICT: For parents looking for the best affordable stroller that can give them endless configuration possibilities that grow with their family, we highly recommend the Graco Modes Nest2Grow Stroller.

How We Choose Our Best Convertible Strollers (and the things you should look for)

When shopping for a convertible stroller, there are several key features and factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one for your family’s needs. Here’s a checklist of what to look for in a convertible stroller:

More than any other strollers, versatility/adjustability is especially important for convertible strollers. This is because the capability of transforming into multiple configurations is the whole point of getting one.

Other aspects include seeing if it can convert into a carseat stroller (infant car seat compatible), a newborn stroller (by being bassinet-compatible), double stroller for newborn and toddler, or just a double stroller for toddlers. We have models like the Baby Jogger City Select 2 that accommodates up to 24 configurations, and then we have those that can fit up to three children (with a stroller board).

You would want to also know if it is a side by side double stroller in which case if both seats face forward or backward, or if one faces forward and the other backward. Most models allow you to recline the seats but don’t take it for granted – check if they actually do to ensure your child always has a comfortable position be it sitting up or taking a nap.


Unlike umbrella strollers, convertible strollers are generally sturdier and robust like their standard, traditional counterparts so they will give a pretty smooth ride. Look at the wheel size and ease of steering, as well as if it comes with suspension.

Some handle cobblestones and uneven sidewalks without batting an eyelash while others are more suitable for urban pathways and indoor settings. Those with suspension and shock-absorbing wheels are always a plus as they are better able to handle all sorts of terrain.

Age and Weight Limit
Parents usually go for those with the highest age/weight capacity because they get the most use out of the stroller. This is one baby stroller that you’ll be using for many years so you’d want to get one that can accommodate older toddlers too when a younger sibling comes along (so that you can carry them along together).
Other Features

Things like an adjustable handlebar will be handy to have so that carers of different heights can have a comfortable push all the time. A roomy under-carriage basket gives so much convenience in storing all the essentials and if there are pockets or additional compartments for snacks and little whatnots, all the better.

Other FAQs

The price of a convertible stroller is likely going to stop most people on their tracks, initially. Before you turn your back on it, here are some factors that may help shed some light on the question:

Long-Term Value: Convertible strollers are designed to accommodate a child from infancy through toddlerhood. If you plan to use the stroller for an extended period of time, or if you plan to have multiple children, the long-term value can be significant.

Cost-Efficiency: It may demand a higher upfront cost but you won’t have to pay to upgrade your current stroller later as your child/family grows. In other words, it can actually save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to purchase multiple strollers.

Customization: Many convertible strollers are customizable so you can choose from different seating options and accessories. If you’re looking for a stroller that fits your specific preferences, chances are you’ll find them in a convertible model.

That said, convertible strollers are often larger and heavier than other strollers so you’ll need to have enough space to store it. If you live in a small home, an apartment, or drive a compact car, this may pose some issues in which case an umbrella stroller or travel stroller (they are quite different in some ways) may be a more practical option for you.

In some cases, it is possible to convert a single stroller into a double stroller by adding a second seat or attachment designed for this purpose. However, such conversion typically depends on the specific model and brand of your single stroller.

Not all are able to so make sure you check with the manufacturer to see if they state that it can – they’ll usually offer conversion kits or compatible accessories for turning it into a double stroller.

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