The Best Lightweight Stroller for Every Occasion – 2024

Best Lightweight Stroller

As staple as a full-sized stroller is in every household with a child, there comes a time when you wish you have a lighter counterpart for those quick grab-and-go moments out the door.

Especially when you have an older child where you probably don’t need that much of storage space anymore (because you know, less baby items to bring along), a lightweight stroller that lessens the load and is easy to fold and stow away becomes all the more appealing and sense-making.

The best lightweight stroller will be one that strikes the perfect balance between traditional and umbrella stroller styles – lighter than standard strollers and is easy to fold and compact in size, yet equipped with big-stroller features like a large sun canopy and storage basket. In short, one that can work just as well as full-size strollers for everyday use, but without the bulkiness.

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What is the best lightweight stroller for most families? Our top pick is the Joolz Aer Travel Stroller, an all-rounder that doesn’t compromise manoeuvrability and features for being lightweight and compact. The Doona remains the most ideal for newborns – weighing just 17 pounds, you get both car seat and stroller combo in one, single unit while nothing beats a 20-pound double stroller for those having twins or 2 kids close in age. The Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller is light enough to be an airplane stroller but if we’re talking about the cheap cheap light weight stroller, it has to be Cosco’s umbrella stroller.

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Our Top 8 Best Lightweight Stroller Picks – A Quick Summary

Do You Need A Lightweight Stroller?

No, it’s not a must. Standard strollers get the job done in most cases (unless of course, if you go running with your little one to which a jogging stroller is pretty much essential) so yea, you don’t need a lightweight stroller.

But if any of the following is applicable to you, a lightweight stroller is actually right in that it makes your lifestyle and parenting circumstances so much easier and manageable:

Travel Frequency: If you travel frequently by car or airplane, the compactness and portability of lightweight strollers make them highly convenient for airport use and fitting into small trunks.

Urban Living: For families living in urban environments where navigating crowded streets, public transportation, and small spaces is common, a lightweight stroller is a practical choice due to its manoeuvrability and space-saving design.

Quick Errands: If grocery shopping with your little one or trips to the neighbourhood park is a daily activity in your household, a lightweight stroller makes the more sense with their ease and convenience.

Secondary Stroller: Lightweight strollers make for an ideal secondary stroller to leave at the grandparents’ as larger, full-sized ones will be quite the redundant for those occasional visits, yet will still be well-equipped enough to handle the needs and situations.

While umbrella strollers are also known (and bought) for very much the same reasons, the (usually) tiny canopies, minimal to no storage, and lack of seat adjustability mean they aren’t the best for everyday uses. Read on to see if the following lightweight strollers sound right for your specific needs and lifestyle.

Find more information at the end of this guide:

Stroller Reviews – Lightweight Version


Editor's Rating: 4.7/5.0

Dimensions: 32.7 x 17.7 x 41.5 inches (Folded: 21 x 17.7 x 8.5 inches)
Weight: 13.2 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 4 years or 50 pounds (or from birth with carrycot – purchased separately)
Under-Carriage Storage: Yes (maximum weight: 11 lbs.)
Car seat compatible: Yes (adapters sold separately)

Why We Love It

It is chosen as the best travel stroller by the Mommy Tea Room team (and competition is strong here, we have to say), naturally, the Joolz AER+ Travel Stroller is fitting of the ‘best lightweight stroller overall’ title with its all-rounder features.

Sturdy with four-wheel suspension, it glides smoothly across different terrain and has a patented ergonomic reclinable seat that supports the growth of your little one. That’s something you don’t see often in compact strollers (a seat’s plushness/thickness is often compromised in the chase of creating a lightweight travel stroller) so we’re pretty happy with this one’s comfort level.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the best if it doesn’t satisfy two major criteria of a light stroller: weight and fold. At slightly over 13 pounds, it is a foldable stroller done single-handedly after which you can carry it either by the handle or over the shoulder (shoulder strap provided). Fitting as a carry on stroller that can be stowed in the overhead compartment of most airplanes, it is a constant favourite of parents who fly often with their little one.

And while it is primarily designed as a stroller for toddler, you can convert the AER+ (just like a convertible stroller) to include an infant travel stroller right from the start if you purchase the brand’s carrycot.

Things To Take Note Of

For a lightweight stroller, the Joolz AER+ is no doubt on the higher end of the price spectrum but all things considered, it is a worthy purchase. There is a 10-year warranty period which isn’t something you’d see many stroller brands offering, so you can rest assured it will fare well over time.

Storage space is not the best but for a light weight stroller, the 11-pound capacity more than meets the expectation. And while it is primarily a travel stroller for toddler, you can always purchase a bassinet attachment and make it newborn-ready to extend its length of use.

VERDICT: Be it you’re looking for a secondary option for the everyday use or a compact stroller for travel, the Joolz AER+ is the best stroller to get the job done. It is an ideal choice for parents looking for a travel stroller for airplane to fly with their child, too.


Editor's Rating: 4.8/5.0

Dimensions: 17.32 x 32.28 x 38.98 inches (folded: 22.4 x 17.4 x 26 inches)
Weight: 17 pounds
Weight/age limit: from birth up to 35.16 lbs. (or 32 inches)
Under-Carriage Storage: No
Car Seat Compatible: Integrated 2-in-1

Why We Love It

The thing with a lightweight compact stroller is that it isn’t the best strollers for newborns. Rather, they’re more strollers for toddlers kind because most do not have the necessary support and paddings required for infants, hence they can only accommodate children who are able to sit unassisted.

Which is why the Doona continues to be the go-to-choice for parents looking for the best newborn stroller because it is both a stroller and car seat in one unit. Tuck the wheels in and it is an infant car seat as pictured left, flip the wheels out and it becomes the best travel system stroller. Just like that, no additional accessories required. Incidentally, it makes transportation and storage so much easier because you’re essentially dealing with just one item.

There’s more to that (otherwise, we wouldn’t pick it as the best stroller for newborn) – it is FAA aircraft approved too so you can bring it onboard your plane travels. Literally, you can wheel it straight to your seat and set the Doona right next to it after tucking in the wheels and baby will have a familiar place to sit in as you fly. Alternatively, stow it away in the overhead compartment and there is a Travel Bag which you can buy separately to protect it.

It otherwise lives up to its best infant stroller title with infant insert and head support provided, as well as a vehicle seat protector to keep the wheels from touching your back seat directly.

Things To Take Note Of

Best infant travel stroller it is, there are a few downsides to take note of. One, there is no storage compartment due to the need to sacrifice the under-carriage space for the tuck-in wheel design and two, this is not a cheap compact travel stroller. For the former, a snap-on storage bag is available for purchase separately, which isn’t too bad with a 7-pound limit.

Considering the shorter life span it has compared to other travel strollers (its weight limit is more of that of an infant car seat rather than a traditional stroller), we can see why some parents may be a little hesitant. For all the convenience it brings though, we think it’s worth the price tag.

VERDICT: For parents with a bigger budget looking for the perfect lightweight stroller for newborn, the Doona will not disappoint.


Editor's Rating: 4.4/5.0

Dimensions: 33 x 28.7 x 39.4 inches (Folded: 20.5 x 28.3 x 12.6 inches)
Weight: 20 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 3 years or 33 pounds each seat (or from birth with cocoon – purchased separately)
Under-carriage basket: Yes (maximum weight: 17.6 lbs.)
Car seat compatible: Yes (adapters sold separately)

Why We Love It

Parents wouldn’t believe us when we say there is a 20-pound double stroller available, and it’s not exactly a double umbrella stroller at that. This is the Mountain Buggy Nano Duo, a side by side double stroller which makes for the best lightweight stroller for twins or two kids close in age.

For such a lightweight, urban side-by-side buggy, it has one of the roomiest seats we’ve ever seen in the market. Extra tall, they are reclinable with adjustable leg rests to grow with your kids and both have their own canopies that flick out with visors. The extra-large gear tray underneath is pretty impressive for a lightweight stroller of its kind, definitely enough to store most essentials.

Manoeuvrability is made smooth with rear wheel suspension and 2-mode front wheels which lets you interchange between uneven terrain and tight spaces. Folding is done in two easy steps and dare we say, there is no other double that folds smaller than this collapsible stroller. For even more convenience, there is a shoulder strap provided to free your hands if you don’t want to carry it by the handle.

While it is primarily a toddler stroller, you can use it for a newborn too with the purchase of an additional cocoon accessory. For those having an infant and toddler duo, this is probably the best stroller for infant and toddler you can get without the bulk and weight of traditional double strollers. It is compatible with most infant car seats (think phil&teds, Graco, Peg Perego, Cybex, Nuna, and Maxi Cosi) to be a travel system too with the right car seat adaptor.

Things To Take Note Of

Compared to traditional double strollers, the Nano Duo’s 33-pound weight limit (each seat) is on the small side so it may have a shorter lifespan than you’d like for older toddlers. For all that it offers though, we think it is reasonably priced.

VERDICT: The Mountain Buggy Nano Duo Buggy is the best baby stroller for families with twins or two kids close in age. It is also one of the very few lightweight strollers that is strong enough to take on three kids with the addition of a stroller board.


Editor's Rating: 4.5/5.0

Dimensions: 33.8 x 17.3 x 41.7 inches (folded: 20.5 x 17.3 x 7.1 inches)
Weight: 13.7 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 48.5 lbs. (or from birth with infant car seat)
Under-Carriage Storage: Yes
Car Seat Compatible: Yes (adapters sold separately)

Why We Love It

Once upon a time, stroller airplane are two things that you probably wouldn’t put together. Gate-checking your baby stroller before you board is a must, that is, until carry-on friendly versions like Babyzen’s YOYO2 comes onboard (pun intended).

To be honest, we struggle between choosing this or the GB Pockit as the best stroller for airplane travel. Both are top rated strollers when it comes to being an airplane stroller that you can wheel down tight airplane aisles and fit in the overhead compartment. After doing a stroller comparison between the two, we chose the former for the following reasons.

The first and main being YOYO2’s build, which is of a sturdier and fuller-sized kind compared to GB Pockit which is more of an umbrella stroller for travel kind. The latter may be slightly lighter but if we’re to look at the whole travelling-with-child aspect in a foreign country, a fuller-featured compact travel stroller will be the more practical and convenient option.

From a multi-position reclining backrest to canopy extensions and sizeable storage both under carriage and behind the seat, the YOYO2 is no different from standard strollers which is why many use it as an everyday stroller too, if not as a stroller for airplane. It folds and unfolds with one hand (which really, is the best you can go for a fold up stroller) and comes with a storage bag to protect it.

Get the newborn pack and you can use it right from birth, otherwise, it makes for the best toddler stroller accommodating up to 49.5 pounds. Probably one of the most customizable top baby strollers on the market, you can switch things up from attaching a stroller board to adding a parasol or even ski attachments for the ultimate winter holiday!

Things To Take Note Of
The YOYO2 is more of an urban stroller in that it doesn’t glide as smooth on rough, bumpy terrain. Compared to a lightweight umbrella stroller, it is definitely heavier (slightly) and on the pricier side but overall-wise, we think it’s worth every penny. There is a reason parents recommend it whenever you ask for the best airplane stroller recommendation!
VERDICT: The Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller is the best lightweight travel stroller for frequent flyers or parents who are looking for a compact lightweight stroller that they can use every day.


Editor's Rating: 4.6/5.0

Dimensions: 27 x 18 x 43 inches (folded: 10 x 12 x 43 inches)
Weight: 13 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 50 lbs. (or 43 inches)
Under-Carriage Storage: Yes (maximum 10 pounds)
Car Seat Compatible: No

Why We Love It

With all that talk about umbrella strollers (also, no lightweight stroller reviews will be complete without an umbrella mention), the best umbrella stroller would be the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller – everyone’s favourite Summer stroller.

With things like anti-shock front wheels, lockable rear wheels, adjustable/removable canopy with flip out sun visor, cup holder, 10-pound-limit storage basket, even storage pockets, the Summer umbrella stroller really doesn’t sound like a travel umbrella stroller if you don’t see it for yourself. Accommodating up to 50 pounds at a price of under $100, it doesn’t get any better value than that!

We forgot to mention it is a reclining umbrella stroller too, offering 4 positions to keep your little one comfortable and safe with a 5-point harness. It even comes with a carry strap and auto-lock mechanism that add to the portability, and parents will be delighted to learn that it is theme-park-approved.

Things To Take Note Of
This is a travel stroller for toddler only so newborns will have to wait until they can sit up unassisted before they can use it. It is also not a stroller that lays flat also in the tri-fold system that parents love about travel strollers, instead, it folds up just like an umbrella (vertically) so this is not a travel stroller for airplane.
VERDICT: The Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller is the best travel umbrella stroller for families who mostly need one just for quick outings or urban use for their toddler or young child. If you have limited storage space at home or in your vehicle, this would be a good option too. It is also the best affordable travel stroller for families with a smaller budget.


Editor's Rating: 4.7/5.0

Dimensions: 41 x 18 x 41 inches (folded: 17.7 x 9 x 21.3 inches)
Weight: 16.1pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 50 lbs. (or from birth with infant car seat)
Under-Carriage Storage: Yes (maximum 17.6 pounds)
Car Seat Compatible: Yes (adapters sold separately)

Why We Love It

A lightweight compact travel stroller is especially popular among city dwellers for obvious reasons – the crowded streets, public transportation, shopping mall, tight aisles etc. all call for one that is easy to lift and manoeuvre. For that purpose, we think the Bugaboo Butterfly is the best compact stroller for it.

Bearing advanced suspension on all four wheels that give an extra smooth ride, it makes navigating uneven sidewalks so much more solid with a narrow frame that is easy to manoeuvre around tight spots. Come to getting into the bus or underground subway, it folds in just 1 second with its smart folding system and you can do so with just one hand, after which you can carry it either by the integrated carry strap or leg rest.

While it may not be the most compact stroller (at least not as small as the GB Pockit), it fits in an overhead airplane compartment with no problem so you can use it as an air travel stroller anytime. Designed specifically with growing babies in mind, the extra spacious seat with high backrest and extra padded inlay makes it one of the best toddler strollers. Even though it is so lightweight, it gives a very sturdy push which stands out from the rest.

Things To Take Note Of

The Butterfly is on the higher end of the price spectrum but this is a Bugaboo stroller after all, which is known for their quality and durability. Rest assured you’re getting your money’s worth and should you wish, it is compatible with most Bugaboo accessories too such as everyone’s favourite footmuff.

VERDICT: If you’re looking for a stroller for toddler that is lightweight enough for portability but is still durable to handle the load of an older child, the Bugaboo Butterfly is the best toddler stroller fitting that brief.


Editor's Rating: 4.6/5.0

Dimensions: 35.2 x 23.4 x 42.7 inches (Folded: 30 x 17.7 x 12.6 inches)
Weight: 21.2 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up 48.5 pounds
Under-carriage basket: Yes (maximum weight: 11 lbs.)
Car seat compatible: No

Why We Love It

It’s not often you come across a lightweight jogging stroller. Have a quick sweep-through of our review here and you’ll know why the Thule Spring Compact Stroller is such a rare find with its overall weight of just slightly over 20 pounds. If you plan to have an active lifestyle with your little one in tow, this is the best toddler stroller for you.

30% smaller than traditional 3-wheel strollers, it is compact both folded and unfolded with the former being a unique 3D kind that has the rear wheels tuck into the stroller (to minimize footprint) and you can do it single-handedly. The self-standing capability free your hands as you manage your little one, and theme park lovers will love that it is Disney-approved.

The swivelling lockable front wheel with suspension and no-puncture foam-filled tires give this compact stroller a smooth glide across terrain of all kinds while the sliding handlebar is adjustable with one hand to find the perfect height. We especially like the vented canopy that is extendable to give more sun protection, something your little one will need when spending long hours outdoors with you.

Things To Take Note Of

Understandably, the Thule Spring has a slightly smaller weight limit compared to other counterparts (due to its compact size) so baby will outgrow it sooner than the rest. Fortunately, it’s not that expensive so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth at the end of it (and there’s limited lifetime warranty).

Keep in mind that you shall not go running with a newborn because they can’t support themselves fully upright yet. A jogging stroller like the Thule Spring isn’t equipped with the right supports for that, unless you purchase an infant car seat adapter to convert it into a lightweight travel system.

VERDICT: For parents looking for the smallest folding stroller that they can go running with their little one, look no further – the Thule Spring Compact Stroller is the light travel stroller for you.


Editor's Rating: 4.4/5.0

Dimensions: 32.7 x 175.7 x 41.5 inches (Folded: 21 x 17.7 x 8.5 inches)
Weight: 8 pounds
Weight/age limit: from 6 months up to 40 pounds
Under-carriage basket: No
Car seat compatible: No

Why We Love It

Known for their budget-friendly price point, the Cosco Umbrella Stroller is probably the best affordable stroller you can find on the market with its price tag of under $50 if a no-frills, compact travel stroller is what you’re after.

So cheap, you don’t have to worry it being stolen while parked outside a store or baby class. As with most umbrella strollers, this Cosco model is designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. Because it is so light (8 pounds only!), it is very easy to manoeuvre (especially in tight spaces) and we’re pretty impressed with how the wheels hold up.

To the Mommy Tea Room team, it makes for the best stroller for grandparents because you can just stash one at their home without much cost and it saves you the trouble from lugging your full-sized stroller on every visit. It otherwise is the most effortless to carry onto buses or other public transportation out of all stroller types, and is the ideal option to spend a whole day in Disneyland with.

Things To Take Note Of

With a cheap umbrella stroller like the Cosco, you won’t expect it to run smoothly on bumpy and uneven terrain – the smaller wheels won’t support that – so it’s best suited for smooth surfaces and urban environments. The minimal padding and lack of a fully reclining seat also wouldn’t be the most comfortable especially for long trips, but Disney outings wouldn’t be a problem.

Limited features and storage space are to be expected (no adjustable handlebars, no storage basket etc.) and while it has a simple folding mechanism, you can’t do it single-handedly so you’re better off using it as a toddler travel stroller where your little one doesn’t need much carrying anymore. Keep in mind also that it has a smaller weight capacity so this might be a consideration if you have a larger or older child.

VERDICT: The Cosco Umbrella Stroller is an attractive option for families looking for a simple and economical stroller – best for short errands with a toddler, or as a backup option stashed at the grandparents.

How We Choose Our Best Lightweight Strollers (and the things you should look for)

There will be certain trade-offs you’ll need to make when it comes to lightweight strollers. Makes sense, as some weight needs to be taken off to give you the nimbleness described thus far – they can’t possibly have the same number of features as full-sized strollers, can they?

There are, however, some that are indispensable in our opinion i.e. canopy for sun protection, so here are the things you should consider when you’re shopping for the best lightweight stroller for your family:

Intended Use

This is something often neglected by parents but the first thing you should consider is: how do you plan to use your stroller. Will it be for daily use, travel, quick errands, runs at the park, or occasional outings? Different lightweight strollers are designed for different purposes, find one that’s suitable for your intended use.


Of course, weight is primary. In coming to our list above, we narrow down the contenders to the absolute lightest strollers, with many weighing less than 15 pounds (this one here coming in at just 8 pounds!). For everyday single strollers, we wouldn’t consider those beyond 20 pounds with the exception of the Thule Spring (went 1 pound over) which is probably the lightest it can get for a jogging stroller.

Overall Size and Ease of Fold

Lightweight strollers typically have a smaller footprint but some fold down a lot compact than the others. For instance, the Thule Spring Stroller which is 30% smaller than your traditional jogger strollers, as well as models like the YOYO2 and AER+ which fold down to a carry-on size making them amongst the best travel stroller for flying. A one hand fold stroller that self stands will always appeal more to us, such as the Bugaboo Butterfly.

Age of Child

Consider also the age of your child. Most lightweight strollers can only be used from around 6 months old so if you intend to use it for your newborn, make sure you choose one that allows for a car seat or bassinet attachment (in other words, a lightweight travel system) .Or, you can always get a 2-in-1 car seat stroller combo for the ultimate convenience.


Just because it is lightweight doesn’t mean it has to be a bumpier ride. We chose strollers that are sturdy with good suspension systems so rest assured any of the models above will be one that is easy to manoeuvre. Look at the type of wheels of the stroller – larger ones give a smoother ride while smaller wheels are more compact. Choose based on your intended terrain.


Consider the features you need. While lightweight strollers are designed to be simple, some models offer extra features like adjustable handles and large storage baskets. Choose the features that are most important to you, for instance, sun protection is non-negotiable to us which is why you won’t find us featuring any of the super-cheap ones that provide no visor or canopy.


Determine your budget and stick to it. Lightweight strollers come in a wide price range – you have popular strollers like the Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller that comes under $100, and then you have the likes of Bugaboo Butterfly and Babyzen YOYO2 which are at the higher end of the price spectrum. Find one that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Other FAQs

There’s no beating the 8-pound Cosco Umbrella Stroller when it comes to the ultimate lightweight baby stroller. The most basic without all the frills, it is perfect for parents who prioritize the lightest of weight out of everything.

For the lightest, go for the GB Pockit which is the best travel stroller for airplane but if you’re like us who’d want our stroller to be a bit more full-featured for the on-ground adventures beyond flying, the Babyzen YOYO2 Stroller will be the more ideal option (don’t worry, it is a foldable stroller for airplane too).

Being an ultra compact stroller each on their own, all of our selections are top contenders in the easy-fold department but the Bugaboo Butterfly shines a little more with its one-touch button that flips the whole thing down in 1 second, the ultimate definition of ‘easy fold stroller’.

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